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Dale Fenton (Twilight- Oil Painting)
Pictured: Dale Fenton – Best of Show Winner


Thanks to everyone who entered!  Art contests are very subjective and outcomes can be totally different depending on who is judging.  Our judges scored each piece for Composition, Skill & Interest/Impact.  All the scores were totaled up and prizes were given accordingly.  Congratulations to each of you!
We had a good turn out and hope that next year will be even better!  Thanks for participating!

1st Place Winners

Art Set + $100 Kendali Gift Card

Adult- Camille Allred (My Mother- Oil Painting)
Teens- Sarah Hale (Natty’s Violin- Graphite)
Kids- Eve Morrey (Pondering the Stars- Acrylic Painting)


2nd Place Winners

Art Set + $50 Kendali Gift Card

Adult- Shauna Lewis (Vintage Bicycle- Colored Pencil)
Teens- Emma Stewart (The Fox- Colored Pencil)
Kids- Emmalyn Smart (Night Stars- Acrylic Painting)


3rd Place Winners

Art Set + $25 Kendali Gift Card

Adult- Michelle Doleac (Addison- Oil Painting)
Teens- Noah Porter (Mom & Dad- Oil Painting)
Kids- Cali Jeppson (Car- Graphite)


Honorable Mentions

Shauna Lewis- Pears on Black- Colored Pencil
Camille Allred- Holy Ghost Petroglyphs- Mixed Medium
Hannah Paul- Red Panda- Colored Pencil
Sarah Hale- All Star Hedgehog
Eldon Morrey- Kiwi- Graphite
Ellie Free- Hedgehog- pastels
Elijah Pelegrin- Snake head- Graphite
Grahm Spens- Flower- Acrylic Painting